Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

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3 Critical Tools For Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose may be easier and less mystical than you think. Below, we look at three (3) steps to help you discover and live your purpose. Here goes:

Pursue Joy

Chances are your purpose starts with the things that bring you joy. That is, those activities we all have that make us happy from the deepest part of ourselves. As such, discovering those are your first step to understanding what you should be doing in the world.

Establish Values

Once the source(s) of your joy is established, the next step is to ask yourself the important questions concerning your core values. These are the morals, attitudes, and perhaps non-negotiable ways of engaging the world around you. Your values will determine how and why you do what you do (your joyful activities) in the world.

Connect the Dots

Your core values coupled with your joyful activities essentially shape your purpose. Your values become the guide that determines how you go about pursuing purposeful, joyful actions for life and work. As such, the final step to finding your ultimate purpose is to bring your joys and your values together.