Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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3 Important Reasons To Start Tummy Time Early

There are so many benefits to tummy time that starting as early as possible is important. Here are three reasons why you should start tummy time as soon as your baby is born:

  1. It helps strengthen a baby’s neck and back muscles. This can help prevent future problems such as poor posture or even scoliosis.
  2. It helps stimulate the baby’s brain development. This is because tummy time encourages babies to use their muscles to lift their heads and explore their surroundings.
  3. It can help reduce the risk of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). Flat head syndrome is when the baby’s head becomes flat in spots because it rests against a hard surface for too long. Tummy time allows the baby’s head to rest in different positions and prevents flattening.

So, as you can see, tummy time is important for many reasons! If you have any concerns about tummy time, speak to your child’s healthcare provider. They can give you specific tummy time exercises to do with your baby and help you troubleshoot any difficulties you may be having.