Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

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3 Places In Belmore Where You Can Buy Pizza

Belmore is a thriving suburb of Sydney, Australia. It has many things to offer residents and visitors alike, including Pizza! Pizza can be found in many different places around Belmore.

-Mr. Pizza: Located at 102 Park Ave., it offers all the staples that people love about Pizza – pepperoni, sausage, bacon! They also have other specialty pizzas like BBQ chicken or Margherita pizza with fresh basil leaves for those looking for something more unique than meat lovers’.

-Pizza Parlour: Located at 93 Park Ave., this is a great place to go for Pizza if you’re looking for something classic. They have all the usual toppings and some specialty like Hawaiian Pizza with ham and pineapple or Philly cheesesteak.

-Pizza Hut: If you’re looking for Pizza Hut’s famous stuffed crust Pizza, look no further than their location at 333 Belmore Rd. They have all the usual toppings and some specialty pizzas like supreme or bacon cheeseburger Pizza.

Pizza in Belmore is a favorite of many people in the area. It can be found in almost any restaurant, grocery store, or frozen food section. But there are also some places around town where you can buy it exclusively, like the choices above.