Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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3 Places To Visit In Chicago: Drinking To Your Health

Chicago is a city with many options. From skyscrapers to beaches, there are so many places to explore and enjoy. Best Cocktail Bars Chicago lists the top three bars that you should visit while in town. These bars offer not only great drinks but also an atmosphere unlike any other! Come along for the ride as we take you on our journey through these 3 Best Cocktail Bars Chicago has to offer!

1) The Sixth – A sophisticated option for refined taste on drinks and lounge-type ambient.

2) Billy Sunday is a throwback bar for classic bar drinkers who love conversations and meeting with strangers.

3) The Whistler – a bar with an art gallery twist. Perfect for enjoying drinks while learning about Chicago´s art history.

We hope that Best Cocktail Bars Chicago gave you many ideas on where to go and what to drink next time you are in the city.