Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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3 Tips To Get A Perfectly Clean Court Report

Court reporters are professionals who work in the court system. They take down what is said during a trial and then transcribe it into written text for everyone to read. This can be a stressful job, with tight deadlines and many demands from different people. Court reporting is an art that requires proofreading skills to ensure the accuracy of the transcriptions. To help you proofread your transcripts more accurately, we have 3 tips below!

1) Read through your transcript with a pen in hand.

  • As you read, highlight anything that needs to be proofread and cross out any mistakes that have already been corrected.

2) Get into the habit of proofreading on paper instead of relying solely on the computer screen for this step; it’s much easier than proofing an entire document at once.

  • Read aloud to proofread your work more efficiently!

3) Check the filename before proofreading – it’s easy for mistakes to sneak in when retyping a document that you already proofed on paper at some point because of capitalization errors or typos, so double-check that everything is spelled correctly and matches up with the page number.

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