Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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3 Ways To Pick The Right Cordless Floor Lamp For Your Needs

The cordless floor lamp is a versatile and convenient lighting solution for many different environments. However, with such a wide variety of cordless lamps out there on the market, how do you find one that will best suit your needs?

This article will provide three points to help make sure you pick the right cordless floor lamp for your home or office!
The first step in picking out a cordless floor lamp determines what type of light output you need (soft vs. bright). Soft lights are better for rooms with extended use of electronics such as computers and televisions. In contrast, bright lights work best when only one person is using the area.
The second way to find the right one is by height. Choose a lamp that has an adjustable head to accommodate people of different heights and furniture and objects in the room for side or backlighting. The last thing you want is your cordless floor lamp too low or too high, depending on what it’s being used for.

The final way to find the right cordless floor lamp is by the cord. They come in two different cord options: a power cord or an extension cord. Extension cords are best for people who like to have their lighting fixtures situated away from wall outlets and do not want to worry about running out of cord length. In contrast, power cords work best when you need more than one light on at the same time. It goes from 66 inches to 90 inches, allowing the light source to be placed anywhere in the room and still reach an outlet or a power cord.

Floor lamps can be a great addition to any room because they provide illumination, making it easier for people who have trouble reading or doing other tasks during evening hours. They also offer a more creative solution than overhead lighting.