Fri. May 24th, 2024

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About Kerio Mail Server

Often, testing server software for efficiency can be quite frustrating, particularly for newer releases. You usually don’t have the type of time available to perform proper server testing in an industry-specific manner, to truly see how it performs in the real world. For Kerio Mail Server, this does not hold here.

Kerio has been running Kerio Mail Server since, and in just over a year, they have already developed an incredibly useful feature set that is not only flexible but highly configurable. Organizations either struggle with upgrading to a new version or just don’t bother after installation.

Fortunately, after a few days and hours of tinkering, Kerio Mail Server can be fully upgraded to the latest, greatest versions of Microsoft Exchange, such as Microsoft Outlook Express. Even better, as most companies have a webmail platform, such as Windows Live, users can easily perform automatic redirection so that incoming mail doesn’t appear to be spam.