Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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About Software Security Testing

Security is of paramount importance in software as computers and networks make ever greater inroads into people’s daily lives. It is critical that businesses provide a robust software application security testing system for the applications they develop and for all other digital products that maintain sensitive data of their customers, clients, and partners.

Software security testing is performed in the following way:

• Ensure that software has been developed in compliance with its requirements.
• Classify all potential threats and risk factors that need to be tested for.
• Plan test cases that will evaluate whether the software is vulnerable to the identified threats.
• Use appropriate security tools to test the software based on test cases.
• Once the security tools have been run, all errors identified must be fixed so that they do not recur
Reporting on security tests and results is provided regularly during the development process that lists the vulnerabilities, threats and issues and have been resolved and any that are pending.