Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

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Adding Flavor With Garlic Seasoning

Roasted garlic seasoning is not only tasty, it’s versatile too and can be used to add flavor to chicken, gravy, burgers, salad dressing and a variety of other foods. Around 80 percent of all the garlic used is produced in China, and in many countries garlic is used as a form of traditional medicine, as much as for its flavor. And the use of garlic to add a little zest to food dishes goes back further than you might think; it has been grown in the Mesopotamia area of the Middle East for several thousand years, and was also widely used by the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Greeks and Romans also routinely added garlic to many of their foods. It’s easy to buy garlic seasoning, and you can find many types at your nearest supermarket, in various different flavors and strengths.