Sat. May 18th, 2024

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An Overview Of Oracle Database Options

Oracle provides a wide array of database options for its customers that address specific application needs. Oracle database options are purchased as part of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and include the following: Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Label Security, Oracle Machine Learning, Oracle Online Analytical Processing, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle RAC One Node, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Real Application Testing, Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache.

The Oracle Active Data Guard database enhances the performance of production databases by moving resource intensive operations to one or more databases that are synchronized copies of the production database. The Oracle Advanced Compression database offers full compression capabilities for live data, backups and network traffic. The Oracle Advanced Security database option provides storage for sensitive data that complies with privacy and compliance regulations and provides transparent encryption for all data stored.