Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Android Box Buying Checklist

There is no need to purchase an expensive smart TV when you can turn any old flat screen television into one by connecting it to an Android TV box. This is a cheaper yet arguably more effective way of connecting to the Internet. You can install more apps from the Play Store and expand its features. Of course, not everything out there is worth your money. Make sure to keep the following in mind when buying an Android box:

Genuine Product

Search for this product type in any marketplace and you are sure to find a long list of options. Be careful because not all of them are genuine. Some are just clones of successful products with cheaper parts to cut costs. It may be tempting to buy them but you might end up regretting the purchase in the end. They may not provide the kind of streaming experience that you are craving for. They may not even be able to play stored videos with high bit rates and resolutions.

Future Updates

Technology evolves quickly. Whatever you purchase now may be obsolete tomorrow. Although you are basically stuck with the hardware, the software should be relatively easy to update. However, you must ensure that the manufacturer actually provides updates on a regular basis. This should hold true for both the firmware and the operating system. The problem with most boxes is that you are typically not going to see this unless you buy from a known brand.

Aftersales Support

Consider the aftersales support provided by the seller and the manufacturer. In case you got a lemon, will you be able to return it without stress? Are you going to pay for the return shipping? Will they provide a refund or a new unit? Do they have tech support if you run into trouble with the unit? Unless you consider yourself a techie, you might want the assurance that you are not on your own.

Delivery Period

Many of these Android boxes come from overseas stores. When you order them, it could take weeks or even months to receive the items. New and better products could have come out since then. If you want instant gratification, then order from a local store. You get to support local businesses while getting your unit as soon as possible. You could be enjoying web streaming from your TV as early as the next business day.