Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

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Australian Authorities Issue Urgent Warning to Coastal Residents

Residents along the eastern and southern coasts of Australia have been urged to take immediate action following the sounding of the “evacuate now alarm Australia” warning. The alarm has been issued due to the threat of powerful storms and heavy rains set to hit the area.

The weather has already proved deadly in some parts of the country, with at least one person confirmed dead and several others missing after heavy floods swept through a rural town. The authorities have warned that residents in low-lying areas and those living near rivers and dams should evacuate immediately.

The storms are expected to intensify over the next few days, with forecasters predicting wind gusts of up to 160 km/h. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has advised people to stay indoors and away from windows until the storm passes.

Emergency services are on high alert, with the navy dispatched to assist in the rescue of anyone affected by the storm. More than 20, 000 sandbags have been delivered to coastal towns in preparation for the predicted flooding.

Residents are advised to keep a close eye on the weather updates and to follow the instructions of emergency services. Stay safe and take action immediately if the “evacuate now alarm Australia” is sounded in your area.