Sat. May 18th, 2024

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Baby Only Naps 30 Minutes

Are you worried that your baby only naps 30 minutes at a time? Young babies do not sleep for long periods. Therefore, new parents are often unable to get adequate rest while caring for newborns. Cope with your baby’s short naps by asking for assistance, developing routines, and resting while the baby naps. The mistake most parents make is not asking for help. Reach out to family members, godparents, and trusted friends so that you can get adequate rest. Also, develop routines to aid your child with developing good sleeping patterns. Baths, feedings, and bedtime should be consistent. Another idea is to nap when your child does. A 30-minute nap may not seem long; however, it gives you time for rejuvenation. If your baby naps for 30-minute intervals, remember that this phase will pass in a few weeks or months.