Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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Back In Each Other’s Arms With Relationship Counselling

So often relationship counselling is the last thing a couple does to try and save their marriage when it seems like divorce is imminent. It should be the first thing they do, and long before the word “divorce” is even uttered. By this time, there are strong emotions at work and little thought of reparation. Partners are prepared to give up and do not really think counseling will help anyway, though they might try. It is a mistake to leave a situation hanging this long, when there are many ways they could have mended the relationship earlier.

Counseling is a means to repairing a split between couples but, better still, can be a way of preventing the split in the first place. It is a proactive way to maintain a healthy marriage. By visiting a counselor, couples learn to recognize the symptoms of a troubled relationship when they surface. This type of therapy also strengthens marriages, helping couples to be closer to each other than ever before. While the marriage might have seemed good before, it could be even better with some help.