Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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Barcode Reader And Scanner Features

A barcode reader or scanner is used in warehouses, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places to check different types of product data. It can be used to read codes printed on any surface. There are free online barcode reading programs that accept image files of codes. They show the data present in the image file. The handheld scanner used at business places does the same thing but without the requirement for any other system like computer or Internet connection. It is a standalone device to read product codes. It can be connected to the central server to receive data through it.

A wireless handheld scanner works on battery power. It does not require any data cable and connects easily to the PC or laptop. It comes with a mini USB receiver that makes it a plug-and-play device. No driver installation is needed. The USB receiver simply plugs into the USB port and starts receiving data from the main handheld scanner. The data received in the computer is displayed in a text file. This scanner can work as a single unit or be combined with other scanners so the receiving unit receives data from multiple scanning units.