Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Basic HVAC Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Although you may need to call a technician eventually, these basic HVAC maintenance tips can help to avoid that cost. One of the most important, yet overlooked tasks is simply to replace the air filter regularly, which means typically every 90 days. Pleated filters are more efficient and can trap more dirt, leading to a healthier environment. If you have an outdoor unit, make sure it is free of obstructions and debris, which can improve overall airflow and prolong the life of your unit. Using fans in your home every so often can give your system a much needed break during hot weather, and cleaning your unit’s condenser coils can also increase its efficiency. This is easily done by gently hosing down the exterior of your outside unit. Finally, be alert for any unusual sounds, smells or other signs of a malfunction, and don’t delay calling an expert.