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Beach Wedding Attire For Men: Casual Vs. Formal

Many beach weddings are casual affairs, but there is a time and a place for formality. If you’re the groom or best man of a beach wedding, it can be hard to know what attire is appropriate.

Beach wedding attire for men, casual or formal?
Here’s a guide to beach wedding attire for men, casual vs. formal.
Casual: For a more laid-back and informal wedding, men can wear khaki shorts or pants with a collared shirt or polo. Sportcoats and dress shoes are not necessary but can be worn if you’d like. A sun hat or baseball cap is also a good idea to protect you from the sun.

Formal: If the wedding is more traditional, dark slacks and a dress shirt (or blazer) are appropriate. A tie is not necessary but can be worn if desired. Dress shoes and socks are recommended, as well as a dressy sun hat or sunglasses.

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