Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

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 Best Sexting Apps for Couples

These sexting apps are perfect for a couple to strengthen their sexting game:


 Here comes the very first discreet sexting app for couples. They claim to be the best medium for couples to capture intimate moments. By encrypting files and making them available only by passcode, you’ll sure achieve your goal sexting.


Pure is a strictly sex-related hookup app—nothing else. It invites singles to come and explore, and those interested in couples, group sex, threesomes, etc. Couples who want to experiment with others should put it on their profile, so there is no guesswork.


This app operates along the lines of “Netflix and Chill.” It’s all about taking selfies as you watch your favorite movies seeing who else does the same. Men send out selfie and the opposite sex response. Swiping right helps her to replicate the selfie and talk about the shared movie.

 These sexting apps will build a better relationship and stronger bonds.