Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

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Big City Tap Water, Can It Hurt You?

Tap water in the big city is thought to be safe as there are so many people who would be ill if it were not. However, it has been proven, that big city tap water can be very unclean. The water supply in most cities contains fluoride, chlorine, dissolved minerals such as bicarbonates, as well as trace amounts of chlorides, calcium, sodium, magnesium, copper, aluminum, iron, manganese, herbicides, insecticides, and nitrates.

In municipal water supplies, pharmaceuticals have been found. Drugs like sex hormones, antibiotics, mood stabilizers, and anticonvulsants have been discovered present in these supplies. Today, there is an exceptionally long list of common toxins (at least 100 chemicals) found in tap water.

Additives like fluoride and chlorine when kept at a minimum can add to the health and safety of the water. Excess amounts can cause grave danger to the body as can any chemical which exceeds the quantity the body can filter and clean through the liver and kidneys.