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Buying Moroccan Runner Rug

Moroccan Runner Rugs are ideal for wide hallways and small spaces. The rugs represent a low pile feels that will add a soft, warm touch to any home- whether it’s traditional or contemporary in style.

Moroccan Runner Rugs come in many different sizes. They have been known to be used as entranceway carpets for doors and stairs or even as wall-to-wall decoration.

Choosing the right Moroccan Runner Rug is important. The size of your room should be considered, as well as the color and texture of the rug. How you intend to use it will also affect your decision on which one best suits your needs. Make sure that you’re aware of where the Moroccan Rugs are made — Morocco or India. Morocco rugs are usually more expensive because of the quality and effort put into making them. If you have a large room, you should buy a runner rug that is at least 9 feet long x 2-3 inches wide for an effective entranceway.