Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

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Buying Pieces From A Jewelry Liquidator

A jewelry liquidator will buy excess inventory from a large retailer or a chain of jewelry stores or a website for a fraction of the market value. The money they receive relieves the store of some if not all its financial obligations. The liquidator will often take the jewelry obtained and sell it to the consumer for a reduced price.

Liquidators do not sell online to the consumer. If you would like to examine their inventory, you would have to physically travel to their warehouse during business hours and examine what they are offering from their extensive inventory.

Jewelry is sold individually, but primarily in lots, sometimes accompanied by jewelry of the same caliber, but not always. If you’re buying jewelry through liquidation, examine the lot before bidding to own it or just purchasing it outright. The average jewelries will rarely seem overpriced when purchasing from a liquidator.