Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Capturing The Perfect Food Photography Surface

Photographing food is all about creating an irresistible image of steaming, sumptuous and tasty food. Therefore, it should always look moist and sometimes dripping with goodness. It does not hurt to pair it with a complementary food item just to take it even more irresistible.

Your lighting should not cast shadows, but light up the item well, giving the illusion that the dish just descended from the heavenly mists. Your food photography surface should always appear delectable and inviting. The lighting can help create that look.

If needed include non-visible aids to increase the mouth-watering appeal of a dish. If you are photographing a triple decker cheeseburger, use toothpicks to stack the burger without toppling. Be sure to melt the cheese so that its gently melting done the sides of the burger, while the lettuce, tomato and onion remain crisp and fresh.