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Childcare Center Developments Services

Childcare Center Developments, also known as child care centers, care for larger numbers of kids in a supervised facility outside of a private residence. Such facilities can be found in all areas, from rural areas to big cities. Mostly, such centers are run by the state, although some are privately owned. Types of child care centers include daycare centers, center-based daycare, family daycare, after school programs, and private family care homes.

Daycare centers mostly serve toddlers and kids who are still in their primary or secondary school years. There are many child care centers where daycare staff have full-time training to provide educational classes to toddlers after school hours. Some centers are attached to schools. These schools may not have their own after school program. Some daycares have plans which include health and wellness education for children, and teachers who participate in the program also have certification to teach special education.