Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues

One of the most common Air Conditioner Repair Issues associated with air conditioning systems is a humming sound. This is an indication that a capacitor is failing. These units can burn out even after five years of service. While routine maintenance can prevent the capacitors from burning out, you can look for corrosion on the wires leading to them. Also, look for leaks at the copper tubing fittings and outdoor coil to ensure tight and free from corrosion. If your capacitors have burned out, you will have to recharge the system.

Another common problem associated with air conditioning systems is that they may shut off after running for some time. If you notice water dripping on the floor around the unit or frost accumulating on the lines, the issue could be with the thermostat or the control board. Call an AC repair company if you smell warm air or detect any strange noises. A squealing or grinding noise is an indication that a part inside the unit is broken or damaged.

If you hear a clunking sound, your AC may be experiencing a problem with the circuit board. This electronic system controls the voltage in your AC. A bad circuit board can lead to significant malfunctions, including incorrect readings on your thermostat. You should have your air conditioner repaired by a professional to ensure that your home is comfortable all summer long. If your unit has stopped working altogether, call an AC repair technician to ensure it works again.