Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Compostable Coffee Cups Are Ideal

Compostable Coffee Cups are made from sugarcane fiber. Plus, they are lined with entirely plant based starch to prevent leakage. These cups can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees and are certified biodegradable. Typically, they are double walled and come in various sizes ranging from four to twenty ounces. When on the go, add a recycled sleeve or heat-resistant lid that is also made from compostable plant based materials. Hot or cold beverages can be put in these freezer safe cups. Generally, they can be microwave safe. However, do not put them in high-wattage microwaves. In addition, the lids are not safe to put in the microwave. These cups do not contain plastic or wax linings and are bleach and chlorine free. Compostable cups are good for the environment and are ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soups. They are also perfect for cold juices or smoothies.