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Cons Of Using Shiplap Los Angeles

Shiplap is a flair of the wooden wall defined by very long planks, mostly painted white. They are installed horizontally on the wall with a small space between them to conjure up the exterior feel of ship walls. Shiplap is common nowadays. Below are the disadvantages of using shiplap Los Angeles.

Dust Magnet

The major complaint that arises from using shiplap is that they attract dust quickly. Dust settles down between the crusts and makes the place look dirty.


If the shiplap is not fitted accurately, it can distort or twaddle. This is particularly correct if it is mounted in places where vapor can easily seep in.


Shiplap is commonly used nowadays, and this can make the house look cliché. They are cheap but not suitable for every space.


Shiplap is excellent for house decoration, but they need special attention when handling them. It is not suitable for spaces that moisture can seep easily, such as bathrooms and basements.