Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Cryotherapy – A Minimally Invasive Treatment Of Skin Conditions

Abnormal tissue is easily removed if use is made of extreme cold for the treatment. This procedure is called cryotherapy, and the extreme cold available through liquid nitrogen or argon gas freezes and destroys the abnormal tissue.

It can be used externally on the skin to treat skin conditions and early stage skin cancers, warts, dark spots and others. It is a minimally invasive therapy and has also been used internally to treat precancerous cells and tumors. Internal treatment is given through a cryoprobe that is inserted into the body through an incision on the skin. Externally, a spraying device is used to apply the freezing agent.

Cryotherapy UK health care providers will require you to observe certain instructions prior to this surgery. It will rarely require hospitalization and the patient is free to leave immediately after the treatment. Externally treated areas will form a scab that will heal in a couple of weeks.