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Discover The Best Medicine For Fever

When your child is sick, making sure they are comfortable is important. Of course, there are times when your child will need to see a doctor or other health professional in order to be evaluated; however, if they are running a low fever, many parents like to have medications on hand in order to help break the fever and provide comfort for their child. It’s important to remember that the best medicine for fever is the one that has been approved by your doctor. For example, giving aspirin to children is not recommended, but there are other over the counter fever reducing medications that can do an excellent job in managing low grade fevers.

It’s very important to contact your doctor if your child has a high fever or has symptoms that are concerning. Your doctor will often be able to provide guidance over the phone but will ask you to bring the child to the office or hospital if there are concerns that need immediate attention. It’s sometimes a good idea to have more than one fever reducing medicine on hand in order to handle a hard to break fever.