Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Drag Queen Padding: An Informational Guide

Drag Queen Padding is a form of art where Drag Queens take the padding from their costumes and use it to decorate other objects. It can be done on anything; windows, cars, furniture…you name it!

Drag Queens will often use curtains or pillows as the base for their decoration. They then cut up pieces of fabric that are usually black or white and sew them onto the object they’re working on. The result looks like an explosion of colors!

Drag Queen Padding has been a fashion trend gaining momentum in the last few years. Drag queens dress up as women, and padding is what they wear to make their bodies look more feminine. Drag queen padding can be anything from stuffing undergarments with socks or foam to wearing prosthetics on the chest area. Drag Queens also uses makeup techniques to create illusionary facial features such as cheekbones and eyelashes.