Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

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Dress Up Your White Marble Dining Table Set

When you are creating an upscale and modern aesthetic, you want all of your table linens to match the furniture as well as the design of your dining room. Think about a white marble dining table set. A piece of furniture like that evokes luxury and beauty. It’s hard to sit down to a marble table and not feel like you’re having a special experience. Such a meaningful table and chairs require linens that are equally special.

It starts with a table covering. You may not want to use a large tablecloth because that will only cover up the gorgeous white marble. Instead, consider a table runner. Then, select placemats that will both protect your table and show off the dinnerware that’s going to be set upon them. Linen napkins are also a nice touch, and should match the other linens to create the perfect look.