Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Economical PCB Assembly Services

You receive several benefits when you use PCB assembly services of an established company. You are assured of competitive pricing. High level of cost control is possible because the company has its own factory. There are no hidden costs. A variety of payment options are accepted. On-time delivery is ensured using fast shipping services of major transport and shipping companies. In most cases, goods are delivered within 2-4 days. Urgent orders are also accepted for prototype boards.

The PCB company partners with transportation companies that offer discounted prices for long-distance shipping and regular orders. Your products will be sent in a package that is moisture proof and resistant to vibration and static electrical charges. It will carry all certification necessary to get it passed quickly through custom checks. Professional agents in most major countries are present to get immediate clearance at the custom. You can order turnkey assembly service if you would like to hand over all aspects of this production to the PCB manufacturing company.