Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Enjoy Bhutan Road Trip

A Bhutan Road Trip is an unmasking call to come out with an unabated attempt to document the glorious story of this tiny landlocked country with awe-inspiring landscapes. Bhutan, a small country that lies in the Himalayan Mountains, is a small but brilliant country with stunningly beautiful scenery. The Bhutanese captivate travelers with the captivating, diverse, royal, and timeless beauty of Bhutan. From the unspoiled beauty of the valleys, paddy fields, flower fields to the modern sophistication of the cities, Bhutan offers a myriad of attractions for tourists from every corner of the globe.

One major attraction of a Bhutan trip is visiting the Thimpu National Park, which is the most popular attraction in the country. Riders can get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the native Bhutan people who still respect their ecological way of life. Other than the national parks, the riders can also explore the villages of Bhutan and take a look into the lifestyle of the people here.