Thu. May 26th, 2022

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Examining Hand Dryer Hygiene

Personal hygiene has always been important, but never has it been more critical than it is at present, with everything scrutinized to reduce the spread of germs in all environments. One particular area is hand dryer hygiene compared to that of the basic paper towel.

Suggestions have been put forward that the dryers can disperse the germs through their hot air blowers, but no evidence has been presented to support this notion. However, there is logic that indicates overflowing bins of used towels will very probably be harbouring a bin-full of harmful organisms.

What isn’t up for debate is the need to actually wash hands correctly to remove any bacteria, rather than a quick two second splash under the tap, hands need a proper sustained scrub, using a hand wash, or soap.

Then just as importantly, they need to be completely dried, as germs just love to use any sign of damp as a breeding ground. How that drying process is achieved, is probably just down to individual preference, with no real difference between a dryer and a towel with regard to spread.