Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

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Examples Of IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT), where objects are connected to the internet so that they can report information about their environment and/or state, offer the promise of radical new applications. Following are some examples of potential IoT technology:

• Wearables – various devices that people can wear on their bodies will be able to report on their physical function such as their heartbeat and potentially be able to perform tests to warn of potential diseases.

• Agriculture – devices deployed on the ground in farms and through devices like drones can give farmers a wealth of information about the health of crops and when they need to intervene with spraying or watering while aerial surveys can show where additional fertilizer is required.

• Energy and Smart Grids – by the use of intelligent metering and predictive algorithms that show electricity usage, electricity can be directed to the end-user much more efficiently.