Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Finding An Electric Charging Station

Now that the electric powered car is everywhere, it’s time to have electric car stations in multiple locations to service those vehicles. Electric vehicles have a variety of connectors: on-board converters that connect directly into a higher voltage or standard electrical outlet or those that use charging stations with a specific kind of connector.

Charging stations have differing methods of delivering an electric boost or charge. There’s rapid charging, AC fast charging, and some vehicles use a combined charging system (CCS) or CHAdeMO.

Stations for electric cars will have to take all these connectors and charging conditions into consideration. Just like gas stations that sell regular, unleaded gas, and diesel fuel, stations offering an electric charge could be made to offer that charge in multiple manners.

Currently electric stations are listed as Level 1, 2, 3, DC fast. Connectors are also specified as J1772, CCS, Tesla, CHAdeMO, or All of the above. Finding an electric station that provides all the above is still exceedingly difficult.