Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Fly Fishing For Trout

Few skills are as finicky or as niche as fly fishing. Still, it is one of the few fishing methods that is known to be ideal for trout. Fly fishing for trout is an old pastime that is still quite effective today. The advantage is being able to throw a bait that is small, lightweight, and able to float on the water surface in order to convincingly mimic a bait.

Fly fishing is unique in that it can cast a surface lure just the right size for fish with small mouths or for fish that are simply very finicky in their feeding habits. River trout are fairly finicky and usually go for small insects that have recently been dislodged by rain and water. Fly baits are small and nearly weightless. In comparison, a surface lure for a regular fishing pole is called a plug.