Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Getting HKSI Paper 2 Study Manual

Candidates planning to prepare for HKSI institute’s licensing examination can take help of eStudy manual. HKSI Paper 2 study manual is available at the HKSI website. The manual cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. Help is available by phone and email if you face any problem in downloading the purchased manual. Those who have enrolled in LE Paper 2 examination can download it for free. Occasionally, changes are made in the manual’s content depending on any changes made in the applicable laws, codes, rules, regulations and market practices of Hong Kong.

The students getting this manual must pay attention to the version they are downloading so that the downloaded one meets the requirements of the corresponding examination. The manual contains materials on various topics including regulatory framework, subsidiary legislation, securities business, stock exchange securities trading, securities activities, over-the-counter derivative, improper trading practices and market misconduct. This manual is suitable for all candidates who plan to enroll for this licensing examination.