Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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Glamping Clothes: Gathering The Essentials

Glamorous camping, or glamping as it’s now commonly known, requires you to forgo some of the comforts that often come with overnight stays, but also allows you to enjoy a unique experience out in the world. When you’re shopping for glamping clothes, make sure you’re choosing high quality, versatile pieces that can easily get dirty, protect you from rain, heat, and cold, and remain durable.

Start with good shoes. You’ll probably do some walking before you settle in for the night, whether it’s hiking or fishing or other outdoor activities. Comfortable shoes are a must. Buy layers as well. You’ll want t-shirts that are light and breathable, sweatshirts that keep you warm at night, and jackets that protect you from wet weather and wind. The clothes you choose for your trip don’t have to be boring; you still want to have fun with colors, textures, and your own style.