Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

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Good Baby Shower Gifts

If you are looking for good baby shower gifts, there are many options available. But the key to finding good gifts for this occasion is putting yourself in the shoes of the expectant mom and trying to figure out what she will really need. For example, if you know that she has decided to breastfeed, having bottles on hand is not necessary; if she plans to use organic baby soap or shampoo, giving her a bottle of non-organic shampoo is not the best gift. Consider practical items for this special mom to be, rather than follow traditional gifts.

If you are looking for good baby shower gifts that are hip or modern, consider giving mom something that will be useful for her baby after he or she is born. For example, giving mom a monogrammed blanket personalized with the baby’s initials is practical and stylish; it also makes an attractive wall hanging. You can choose either to purchase this already made or make your own by purchasing material, batting, and letters that you’ll use to spell out the baby’s initials.

You might also want to give an electronic gift such as a crib or bassinet that comes with a newborn sleeper and play mat the baby can use at home, as well as when he goes to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for sleepovers.