Sat. May 18th, 2024

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Grants For Young Carers

When young people acting as carers need extra financial help to pay for something related to their care giving activity, they can apply for small grants for young carers that are available from some charities. They may be able to receive, for example, a Carers Fund grant that is available from the Carers Trust Network. There are also free services available that help carers in financial need with information about how to access welfare benefits for carers or on how to receive other charitable grants from various bodies.

Many carers can qualify for charitable help from previous employers that they had. Those that served in the armed forces may be able to receive help from one of their associated charitable organizations. Some trades, industries and individual companies also have charitable programs that may be able to offer financial support. Once a grant or fund has been found, carers will need to make an inquiry about how to apply for available support.