Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

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Gun Control: How It Works In Colorado

Gun control in Colorado is a hot topic that has everyone on edge. A fair number of people in the country already own firearms for personal protection or hunting purposes, and many people worry about reducing their ability to store guns without being wrongly prosecuted. Here are four things you should know about gun control in the state:

The Concealed Carry Law

One of the significant gun policies here is the Concealed Carry Laws, which allow gun owners to carry their firearms concealed without a permit.

Gun Control Colorado and Background Checks, Colorado’s gun laws do not require universal background checks before issuing firearm permits. But they do require a gun buyer to go through a background check.

Where Not To Carry Guns

There are certain places where gun owners cannot carry their firearms, such as public universities and colleges, schools (both public and private), courthouses, polling places on election day, prisons, and jails.

People Not Allowed To Own Guns

One cannot own a gun if they have been convicted of domestic violence, are subject to the judicial restraining order laws for domestic abuse or stalking, and if prohibited by federal law.

Learning information about Colorado’s gun control is an excellent way to avoid unfair prosecution.