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Handover Inspections Brisbane: Everything You Need To Know

Handover inspections brisbane: If you are a property owner in Brisbane, you will undoubtedly need to have a handover inspection done.

A handover inspection is a process where an inspector checks the property to ensure it is in good condition and ready for handover to the new owner. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know:

A handover inspection includes a visual inspection of the property and checking for any damage that may have occurred during construction. The inspector will also check that all appliances and fittings are in working order and that no safety hazards are present. Once the inspection is complete, a report will be issued detailing any required repairs or rectifications.

The builder or developer should organize the inspection. However, if you have appointed a property manager, they may also be able to assist with this.

Preparing your property for an inspection is relatively straightforward.

First, you will need to ensure that all agreed-upon work has been completed. This includes checking that all appliances are installed and working correctly, that all doors and windows are in place, and that any landscaping or fencing has been finished.

You will also need to provide the handover inspection team with a copy of the final signed contract and any relevant paperwork such as building plans, energy efficiency certificates, and so on.

Once everything is in order, the team will come to your property to assess it. They will check that all of the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard and that there are no outstanding issues. If they are happy, they will sign off on the handover inspection report, and you will be able to move into your new home.