Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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Home Improvements to Sell Your Home

If you’re selling your home, even basic home improvements can help you enjoy a faster sale; realtors call it curb appeal. Outside your home, it’s worth touching up paintwork, fixing any broken gutters, replacing roof tiles and perhaps planting some shrubs or plants. Buyers also like outdoor lighting. Inside, the kitchen and bathroom are considered your two most important rooms when attracting buyers; a fresh coat of paint, new cabinets, improved lighting and replacing the faucets, handles and other fixtures can all make a difference. Installing wood flooring needn’t cost that much, and appeals more than carpeting. Any outdated window treatments should be replaced, and updating your plumbing fixtures can add value to your home. You also want your home to seem as spacious as possible, which means eliminating clutter, cleaning out closets and even removing large or bulky furniture to show your home.