Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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How Does An Automated Parking Garage System Work?

The automated parking garage is a fully automated underground parking structure. Drivers arrive at the garage and immediately park inside a receiving tunnel before pushing a button, signaling that all passengers are out of their car. Once a car is parked in the tunnel, the driver and passengers are scanned by an alarm system and a computer system, depending on the model of the garage, to determine if the car is still within the parking facility. If the car is still there, it is moved back into the receiving tunnel, where it is inspected again for safety features and more security measures.

Then, if it is not what was ordered, it is re-rented. Automated Garage software provides numerous options, such as picking the next available space and determining if someone is still there with the car before taking it to a rental agency. The automated garage is also available in a “full service” version that provides the same convenience but also allows you to schedule the time that your car will be available so that no one has to stand in line while you go somewhere.