Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

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How To Become A Registered Migration Agent In Australia

Australia is a popular destination for many people looking to migrate because it has an excellent quality of life, and the government offers many programs that can help you immigrate. If you are considering migrating to Australia, then you should know about migration agents. A registered migration agent will be able to provide assistance with your application process. In this blog post we’ll discuss what a migration agent does, how much they cost and how to become one in Australia.

A migration agent will help you with the application process for migrating to Australia. They can provide assistance in filling out forms, and they may be able offer advice about what documents are required by Australian immigration authorities when applying or renewing a visa status such as permanent residency (PR).

A migration agent will charge a fee for their services. The amount of the fees vary depending on what you are looking to do and how much assistance is required, but it can be anywhere from $200-$2000 AUD (about US$150-1500).

To become a registered migration agent in Australia, you need to complete an Australian Registered Migration Agent course and pass the exam. Then, after you pass the exam , you will need to apply for registration with the Australian Government.