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How To Choose A Funeral Marquee

Many decisions go into planning a funeral. One of the most important (and personal) is picking out what kind of Marquee to have. There are many styles, colors, and designs to choose from for Marquees for Funerals.

Cost: Prices will vary depending on how much coverage you need from the Marquee, as well as other factors like material type. The average price can range anywhere between $500-$1,000, with some being cheaper or more expensive than this range, depending on circumstances. If you want one in a hurry due to time constraints or just because it’s an emergency Marquee, prices will increase.

Shape: Marquees are often rectangular or square, with some Marquees being more oval-shaped and others having an arched roof. You should also take into account how much coverage you need from your Marquee. For example, if it’s going to be overcast for most of the day, you’ll need a Marquee with more space under the roof.

Material Type: Marquees are also available in different materials like canvas or vinyl, and even paper.

A Marquee is an important part of the funeral process. It provides a focal point for your guests, gives them a place to gather, and offers a symbolic shelter from the elements. Marquees are also used as memorials without caskets or urns at funerals. This can be particularly helpful if you have children who do not know what death means.