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How To Order Personalised MMA Shorts

Personalised MMA shorts Australia enable people to create their own apparel. They can make their own designs or hire artists to come up with graphics that suit them. Then they can make use of the expertise of experienced manufacturers to execute their designs and come up with items that they will be proud to wear. This service is available to all whether you are an elite fighter or a beginner who like to train in style. Below is the process for setting up your order:

Pick a Style

Most service providers offer a wide range of customisable items from shorts to gloves and everything in between. For fighters, everything that they do on the ring is an expression of who they are. This goes for their fighting style as well as their apparel. So go ahead and pick what you wish to customise. If it’s MMA shorts, then see whether the shop offer different cuts and other styling options.

Choose a Colour

Pick the colors that you would like to use for the shorts. Some will want a clean base that is all black or all white. Others will want to combine different colours with each having a different personal meaning. Specify where you would like each color to go. You may even go as far as making a sketch of the shorts design and indicating how you would like this to appear from different angles.

Upload Your Files

The next step is to upload your files. These can include a picture of your rough sketch of the shorts design and the logos of your sponsors. You could also upload any graphics that you would like to represent your brand, as well as the text that might highlight your name in your preferred font.

Provide Instructions

The order page is likely to provide a text box that you can fill with instructions on where you would like each element to go. Any special request should be placed in this box. Provide the shop with as much information as possible so that they can make the shorts exactly how you imagined it to be.

Indicate the Quantity

Customised apparel is expensive to produce so shops might have a minimum order requirement. This is probably a good thing since you will need these shorts every day for training. By having multiple copies, you can always get a fresh pair while the dirty ones are in the laundry.