Sat. May 18th, 2024

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How To Remedy Low T Libido

Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for a wide range of changes in the male body. It is produced in the testicles from puberty, peaks at around the age of 20 years and starts to decline at the age of 30 years. When testosterone levels start declining, you will start experiencing a wide range of changes. First and foremost, your body fat will start increasing as muscle mass starts reducing. Secondly, your energy levels will decline while your mood will change from time to time.

In many cases, men usually experience low T libido issues. Imagine experiencing low libido in your early 30’s. To resolve this problem, you will need to have your t-levels checked. In case they are low, your doctor will write a prescription for testosterone hormone. After a few injections of the hormone, your libido issues will be resolved.