Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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How To Teach English To Beginners

Teaching English to people with no prior exposure to the language can be difficult. Here are some tips for how to teach English to beginners:

• Keep it simple – start with simple words and use gestures to emphasize meaning when starting out with beginners.

• Check for understanding – some teachers make the mistake of thinking students have understood the meaning of a word when they haven’t; always confirm that they have.

• Give plenty of time to practice – provide lots of examples and ensure that students practice what you’ve taught.

• Use positive reinforcement – when students get it right encourage them with praise and avoid embarrassing students in front of others when they don’t.

• Show, don’t tell – students will always understand the meaning of a word better if you can use visual cues to emphasize its meaning; telling them doesn’t work half as well.