Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

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How To Wean A Toddler

Weaning a toddler is an individual process for both mother and child. Some toddlers wean themselves and move on from breast feeding when they’re ready. In other cases, however, the decision is forced on both mother and child, such as in cases where the mother is pregnant again. There are no harmful side-effects from extended breast feeding, according to experts, but eventually it must end.

Following are some methods that can help with the weaning process:

• Choose the best time when the toddler is comfortable and is not suffering other stresses.
• Gradually reduce the period that the toddler feeds over a period of time rather than stopping breast feeding abruptly.
• If the child reacts negatively, by having tantrums, being cling or showing anxiety, reduce or stop the weaning process for a while.
• Don’t volunteer nursing to the child so that the child becomes accustomed to nursing less.